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Ocean Wave Forecast - Global MeteOcean

For many years, Global MeteOcean have been providing wave forecast products and services to numerous marine operations around the world, across some quite challenging oceanic areas and particular regions like the Caspian Sea, Mediterranean, Gulf of Mexico, putting us on the leading front as independent Weather Forecast Company for the Offshore and Marine Industries. Our advanced capabilities in wave forecasting is one of the key points for achieving such a high degree of reliability and accuracy.

Site specific wind and wave forecast is essential for Project decision makers to schedule their operations efficiently, free of any potential danger that high waves or "long swell" could generate during FPSOs drilling, subsea operations, marine cable laying, tanker loading, crane barge sensitive works, heavy lifting, marine survey and seismic acquisition.

Global MeteOcean uses the open source code Wave Model WaveWatch III which is based on the spectral representation of the sea state with Wind forcing from our proprietary GMONW (Global MeteOcean Numerical Weather) wind forecast production system.

The accuracy of Wave models depends on several critical factors:

  • the quality and accuracy of the input forcing fields (wind, current, bathymetry, bottom interaction, sea ice etc.)

  • the parametrization of the model including generation, exchange and dissipation phases

  • the numerical method used to compute the spatial evolution of the wave spectrum

Global MeteOcean Marine Meteorologists from the Weather Forecast Operational Center use advanced in-house analytical tools to perform actual data assimilation from wave observations (in-situ sensors, satellite) prior to forecast production. Global MeteOcean delivers continuous and on-demand ocean wave forecast products that predict accurately the sea conditions to be encountered at the exact location of the client's operating site.

The integration of our unique advanced AI powered data analysis tools helps in the validation and accuracy of the output results. The calculated result wave parameters depict the Significant Wave Height (Hs), Wave Max (Hmax), Swell Direction, Total Wave Direction, Mean Period, Peak Period (Tp) etc.

If you need more information about Global MeteOcean Wave Forecast Product and Metocean Forecast Services, do contact us at, we will get back to you 24/7 within few minutes.



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