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What We Can Do for You

Offshore Weather Forecast

Offshore Weather Forecast

Highly accurate weather forecast for any fixed location, flexible as customized to your precise operational needs (parameters, short range, long range, High-Resolution spatial and temporal). The information is presented in a professional easy to understand layout that allows users to manage safely and optimize their works within favorable weather window.  

Expert Forecast Consultancy

Weather Desk

Our team of experienced and dedicated specialists are available 24/7 at their operational metocean desk to watch the real-time conditions and alert when hazardous conditions are likely to affect the operating site. They provide support with briefings. They also verify, assess,  validate continuously then adjust when necessary the forecast data before releasing information in all reports.

Tow Route Weather Forecast

Weather Routing

This service provides assistance with specific marine forecast along the route. 24/7 weather watch and alert for sensitive navigation, during the whole transit from departure to arrival, taking into account the limitations as well as the speed. The route weather forecast reports are updated continuously upon latest GPS position.   

Weather Decision Platform

Minimize weather risk and unnecessary lengthy downtime period, using Open Sea Pro Metocean Forecast, our advanced decision support web application. Interactive, you can visualize forecasts, highlighted by your own criteria, compare with actual observations, analyze and assess various operations scenario upon latest forecast and the work limits, then decide confidently the best weather window opportunity.   

Open Sea Pro Metocean Forecast

Metocean Data & Study

MetOceanStat metocean data

Our service MetOceanStat will help you at the early stage of your project from tendering then design and long term preparation phases of the operations. Thanks to over 40 years of High-Resolution historical data comprising atmospheric and oceanic parameters, also our highly performant statistical toolbox system, our specialists will perform analysis to produce accurate metocean data and study report, including ambient, extreme conditions, and downtime period assessment upon criteria.

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Training & Consulting

Global MeteOcean Offshore Weather Training

Highly sensitive projects require to maximize the exploitation of Metocean information which can be very specific then used for decision making process. In order for you to achieve such level of exploitation in the view of reducing further any potential weather risk, we offer training sessions conducted by our experienced offshore meteorologists, covering your location's potential hazardous environment (tropical storms, thunderstorms, squalls, Rogue waves, swell), the analysis and interpretation of specific metocean parameters in the view of their usage through advanced decision support system.

Tropical Cyclone Forecasting

Cyclone Track Forecast

Tropical storms can impact severely offshore operations. In order to assist and comply with the project procedures and response plan for facing such event, we deliver 24/7 monitoring, tracking forecast updates and customized impact analysis. 

Ocean Current Forecast

Ocean Current Forecast

Sea current forecasting at your specific location. Spatial and Temporal High-Resolution data validated by our team of Oceanographers, up to 120 hours ahead along the water column from surface to bottom.

We add value through our unique Weather Decision Intelligence System for more powerful analytics and improved accuracy. We understand your challenges within safe metocean environment while increasing performance.
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