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Who We Are

Our vocation is to provide a complete range of specific meteorological support 24/7 worldwide for the Offshore and Marine Industries, in areas such as marine operations, barge routing, subsea works and heavy lifting.

From our headquarters, a team of experienced and devoted meteorologists, scientists and IT engineers assure the provision of high standard quality services. We do through the use of the latest state-of-the-art technologies, supported by a team of experienced specialists, as well as reliable meteorological and oceanographic High-Resolution models.


Our Mission

Our accumulated experience allows us to understand precisely the requirements of different projects. We strive to ensure our reports help you make more accurate operational decisions, addressing both safety as well as efficiency concerns.

Our mission is to supply a customized, adapted, localized, precise and complete Offshore Weather Forecast Support that reassures clients that they can work in a danger-free environment. The data we provide also protects you from incurring additional costs due to unnecessary closure or lengthy standby periods.

Global MeteOcean commits to providing accurate and timely data generated with industry know-how and advanced technologies to meet your specific project needs.

Core Values


We work as a team with the objective of getting the job done. We collaborate closely with our customers to meet exactly with their requirements. We are flexible and able to response quickly to changes as needed throughout the course of the project.


We provide reliable and effective solutions to our customers within strict compliance, organizational quality, performance excellence, and continuous improvement. 


We innovate together with the industry we serve, in order to meet continuously with their fast evolving needs, stay ahead in the engineering ecosystem and search always for better solution. 

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