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Metocean Forecast & Consultancy Services

World Class Offshore Weather Solutions Under One Roof

50 years cumulated experience

110 projects annually worldwide

14 qualified experts and consultants

6 global and regional partners

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What We Offer

As a full Metocean Services provider, we deliver highly reliable information and customized Offshore Weather Forecast to support all project stages, ensuring heightened safety and efficiency.

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Why Choose Global MeteOcean

Industry Know-How

Our team of highly qualified specialists combines their experience with the State-of-the-Art advanced technology to observe various weather patterns around the world and provide appropriate support and committed weather services.

High Quality, Relevant Data

Our strategic products and services meet industry requirements and provide you with extremely intuitive yet easily understood technical data, increasing your confidence to make strategic weather-related operational decisions.

Worldwide Network of Resources

From our weather center, we run our in-house High-Resolution model productionGlobal MeteOcean Numerical Weather (GMONW). We also conduct Hyper local monitoring via a worldwide network of weather stations and HR sat data to help focus on your specific operating site.

Experienced Specialists

Global MeteOcean continues to deliver service excellence by recruiting highly skilled and experienced meteorologists, scientists, IT developers and industry specialists to serve our clients beyond their expectations.

Support Operational Decision Making

Our team deciphers information accurately so you can make calculated decisions over the operations planning within an optimum weather window. Leverage the power of our in-house advanced Metocean Forecast Web Portal and Data Services

24/7 Support Consultation

Global MeteOcean has a team of experienced Offshore Forecasters who are available 24/7 for any query or detailed explanation of possible weather impact on your project. We also provide immediate support in emergencies.

Accuracy & Reliability for best Actionable Information


Your services throughout  our Galloper campaign have been beyond expectations and greatly appreciated.

Vessel Manager

United Kingdom

No doubt you guys provide good services, accurate  with proactive measure. I shall contact you for another services in future.

Offshore Installation Manager


Thank you very much for your services that have been very helpful throughout our project with accurate information in timely manner delivery.

Project Director


Wherever you are, at all stages of your Project, we have you covered!


Here are just few of our Clients

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