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Improve Offshore Operations with Accurate Weather Forecasting

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

In the Oil & Gas and Marine industries, every minute counts. Knowing the details of every aspect of operations is crucial in ensuring operations run smoothly.

When it comes to offshore operations, there are even more things to take into consideration to ensure work goes on smoothly.

And a key data that is required to make sound operational decisions are weather forecasts. Knowing the turns of the tide and the ways of the skies will help decision-makers in operational roles come up with calculated solutions to ensure the highest possible levels of safety and cost efficiencies are met.

Weather reports in the offshore industry are not only for operators to run indoors into accommodation quarters when it rains. There is much at play here. Changes in wave and wind conditions can make or break an operational plan. Accurate weather data is helpful even before an offshore terminal is constructed. Knowing all this information beforehand can ensure that construction is concise in order for operational risks to be mitigated.

Here are a few more ways of how accurate weather forecasts can help to improve offshore operations:

Data-driven and timely insights that are location-specific

Relying on global weather reports isn’t going to cut it for your weather-sensitive operation. To ensure you can quickly overcome obstacles at sea to help you balance cost, time and safety, you need site-specific offshore weather reports.

At Global MeteOcean (GMO), we work around the clock to provide you with Metocean (monitoring of weather, meteorological and oceanographic conditions) data that helps you understand potential weather issues and consequences. These location-specific insights zoom into weather conditions of your offshore operational site so you can improve the planning of your rotational schedules or even maintenance works.

Regardless of the stage your offshore site is on, all the data generated is timely and accurate. From the reports and forecasts we provide, you can make data-driven decisions that ensure your entire team can operate in a risk-mitigated environment.

Streamline decision-making process with continuous monitoring

To avoid stop work situations due to the unavailability of accurate data, you need a weather forecast service provider who will constantly monitor your site. To make better decisions to plan and carry out your offshore operations smoothly and without hiccups, you need long-term forecasts with weather trends that are specific to your site.

At GMO, we provide you both. We do so by leveraging the power of our very own cutting-edge technology and data services ( so you can make calculated decisions over operations planning within an optimum weather window.

To make the best of the data at hand, speak to experts who understand your challenges and can provide accurate insights. GMO’s consultants are available for detailed interpretation around the clock and provide you with added value with our years of experience in the field. The data that we provide is also delivered to you in your preferred mode of digital transfer.

Maintain both safety and profitability to boost productivity

Accurate weather data monitoring provides offshore operates with more benefits than meets the eye. For instance, knowing the weather patterns for a specific location is vital even before work commences at the site. It helps to plan schedules to ensure people and assets are protected from adverse weather conditions such as changes in wave heights, wind speed and wind direction.

Knowing weather conditions at play will help to mitigate downtime as well. This, in turn, maintains a level of cost-effectiveness and improves planning. As we know it, offshore terminals are often subjected to storms and harsh weather conditions.

With accurate weather data, timely decisions can be made to ensure operations run seamlessly during optimal weather conditions and evacuations are carried out during emergency situations.

For more details on accurate weather services and our metocean forecast service for your offshore operations, contact us today at


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