Request for Service Quotation

Request for Service Quotation

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Sea weather support for yachts and navigation companies:

Weather@Sea360 is a complete, first class, 24/7 service dedicated to the provision of weather support to yacht captains, managers or operation directors of maritime navigation companies.

It is a personalized support perfect for every sea professional concerned with reassuring and optimizing to the fullest the decision-making process both before departure and at sea and during the planning of operations for a fleet of boats.

OOur marine meteorology specialists will do all the forecasting work and expertise with specific surveillance necessary for each route or area assigned to him/her, in any sea of the world:

Weather@Sea360 is a true professional service for professionals.

What's more practical and reassuring than to access directly the forecasts which especially concern your navigation, at a certain time or whenever you want it.

You will prevail in time, in safety, in comfort for your passengers, in services for your ship and in savings in the fuel storage budget management.

The Weather@Sea360 service includes:

  • The provision of sea weather bulletins (weather, wind, waves, visibility etc.) for the navigation area or the route by taking into account the ship's performances, ETD, ETA, speed, etc.
  • Weather charts, wind fields and satellite images and satellite images.
  • 24/7 telephone availability of a meteorological consultant for a personalized weather briefing and details upon request.
  • Weather surveillance and broadcasting of alerts during the navigation provided that our services are regularly informed of the boat's position.
  • Online access to bulletins thanks to our website's client space.

For more information or to subscribe, please contact us, a technical adviser is at your disposal.

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