Request for Service Quotation

Request for Service Quotation

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Global MeteOcean is specialized in supporting sensitive operations such as the installation of pipes, drilling operations, the routing of towed structures, the installation of special submarine cables, maritime navigation, construction, the lifting of special packages, the use of cranes etc.

Our range of services thus covers all aspects which may require follow-up of a project in real-time.

Marine or Land Meteorological Forecasts:

  • Provision of detailed bulletins in the form of tables and graphs for up to 7 days, for a precise location.
  • Flexible choice of parameters to be forecasted, according to the use and operational needs, such as: wind at several heights, the sea state including the spectral data of swells, temperature, visibility, precipitation, thunderstorms etc.
  • Broadcasting of up to 4 times a day by e-mail, fax, Inmarsat, facsimile, secure client web page, or mobile phone at synchronised hours with the operational activity of the users, in any region of the world.
  • 24/7 meteorological surveillance with broadcasting of alerts in the event of dangerous phenomena likely to affect the site and phone availability for any briefings request.
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Long term weather trend forecast up to 15 days:

  • Graph bulletin providing detailed information.


OPTIwins: Optimum Weather Window Scheduler

Web-based Metocean forecast data solution which has been specially designed to provide high-quality information through a professional and user-friendly interface, producing charts, maps, alerts, time series and graphs. It provides high-resolution forecast data with interactive interface including detailed Metocean parameters such as weather, wind at various heights, significant wave, swell, sea current, tide, etc.

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Routing of ships, barges and towed structures:

  • Provision of detailed marine bulletins for up to 7 days in table and graph forms showing the forecasted conditions along the navigation route during the period covered by the forecast.
  • Ship speed, ETA, ETD and the ship's limiting parameters are taken into account with the suggestion of the optimal route if necessary.
  • Weather surveillance and broadcasting of alerts.

Meteorologist specialist consultant sent directly to the operations site, on land or offshore:

  • A very experienced forecaster is always suggested for this type of service.
  • This specialist has the additional task, in addition to being the direct consultant, of providing a complete support service dedicated to the highly sensitive specific project to which he is appointed.
  • Provision of specific data associated with the aforementioned services such as weather charts, wind fields as well as satellite images centred on an area of interest etc.
    Wind FieldSat Pix
  • 24/7 operational service with a contactable experienced forecaster consultant at any time by telephone, fax or e-mail.
  • Online access to bulletins from a secure client page from our website anywhere or once you have internet access.