Request for Service Quotation

Request for Service Quotation

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Tropical region forecasts and cyclone alerts:

Extreme conditions generated by the passage of a cyclone lead to the start of particular safety procedures in order to face the storm. The precise knowledge of the development and movement of the tropical phenomena which we offer with this service is an indispensable support tool for decision-making within the framework of the application of these procedures.

In addition to assuring the safety of the people and protecting the integrity of the equipment, the management of the standby periods during works, or even the adoption of an optimal bypass during navigation, will be a certain advantage in the management of costs.

In order to better answer this need, we offer the Cyclone Track service:

  • Provision of detailed tropical forecast bulletins, in table or graph form, in 5 days for a site.
  • Forecasted trajectory map of the cyclone showing the danger areas connected to this trajectory as well as the uncertainties.
  • Satellite images centred on the area of interest.
  • Update up to 8 times daily (every 3 hours).
  • Permanent surveillance, broadcasting of alerts and updates if necessary during the entire duration of the alert.
  • Permanent availability for phone consultations with our forecasters.

Squall Forecasting Service

In some tropical regions, the site location can be under the threats of heavy Thunderstorms and Squalls which can affect your operations very quickly. GMO proposes a highly reliable and accurate solution to face such hazardous conditions thanks to our Squall Forecasting services.

We use High resolution satellite imagery which are updated up to every  15 min to identify any development of convective cells.  The 24/7 watch enables our meteorologist a close focus on those developments and analysis of the potential track and risks for your specific location.

Warning reports with all the relevant information that is needed to our client’s users will be sent in due time then updates will be issued regularly until the risk is over.

Squall Sat