Request for Service Quotation

Request for Service Quotation

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Global MeteOcean produces a wide range of statistical analysis for long term preparation of sensitive works and engineering design purposes.

Depending on required parameters, we provide monthly statistics for wind, wave current, tidal levels and surge. Extreme values for different return periods can also be produced for a given location – anywhere in the world for deep and shallow water conditions.

Using state of the art statistical methods, the technical reports are suitable for deriving design criteria for fixed or floating structures, wind farms, and for optimising maritime navigation etc.

A world wide climate database or dedicated numerical models are processed in our in house powerful computing center to produce the necessary data ranging from a global scale to very high resolution output. Modelled data are also combined with satellite observations and in situ measurements to improve the reliability and the accuracy of the studies. Our high quality products and services will be essential to support your decision making process. 

  • Downtime period assessments
  • Design criteria for offshore structures, quantitative risk analysis, offshore/coastal/onshore constructions, wind farm settlement, etc.
  • Optimum navigational route planning


For more information, please contact us, a technical adviser is at your disposal.