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About us:

Global MeteOcean's vocation is to provide a complete range of real-time specific meteorological support in marine or land environments, for all industrial projects in the petroleum and para-petroleum industries, maritime works, ship routing, onshore and offshore construction, energy sector, etc.

From our offices based in Singapore and Europe, a team of very experienced and devoted meteorologists assure the provision of quality services through the use of modern and high-speed communications.

This accumulated experience allows us, among others, to understand precisely the needs of our clients as well as the particular requirements of the projects we work upon, both in terms of safety as well as efficiency.

Thanks to the combination of:

  1. Over fifty years accumulated experience in the operational application of meteorology on all regions of the planet.
  2. The joint use of the latest state-of-the-art technologies handling, according to several spatial and temporal scales, reliable meteorological and oceanic data, as well as the global data stemming from the principal national centres spread out on every continent, but also a system of powerful calculation leading to produce very high resolution data from regional to local scale.

Global MeteOcean's mission is to supply a customized, adapted, localized, precise and complete service, 24/7 all over the world in order to guarantee our clients a danger-free working environment, all while protecting them from possible additional costs due to lengthy standby periods.

Global MeteOcean thus makes a commitment to guarantee services and products which meet the specific needs tied to each project.

What we do:

  • Sea weather support in real time for the works of petroleum and para-petroleum industries, maritime and coastal engineering, as well as shipbuilding.
  • Weather support for any type of industrial work or Construction and Public Works on land.
  • Sea weather support within the framework of ship routing, towing of barges or towed structures.
  • Provision of a specialised meteorological consultant directly offshore or on-site with the operational decision-makers during the extremely delicate phases of a major project.
  • Meteorological and oceanographic analysis of particular events (storms, cyclones etc.).
  • Optimization and preparation of transoceanic routes.
  • Tropical meteorology with permanent surveillance, analysis and forecasts of cyclonic paths.
  • Sea weather support for shipping companies, yachts etc...
  • Risk prevention through specific meteorological and personalized conferences with the purpose of optimizing and improving safety or emergency procedures in the event of severe weather or extreme conditions (for example: cyclones, violent thunderstorms, sea swells etc.).
  • Offshore and coastal climate studies within the framework of structure design, or for the long-term preparation of works sensitive to climatic conditions, or for the choice of the setting-up of future offshore or on-land structures.


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For more information, please contact us, a technical adviser is at your disposal.

Some of our clients:

Total Saipem
Geocean Guardline Marine Sciences
Mammoet Entrepose